Turkish Flour Industrialists' Federation

Turkish Flour Industrialist' Federation (TFIF) was effectively founded in March 2005. Being the highest umbrella organization of the flour sector, TFIF is making efforts to meet the needs of the sector while seeking solutions to its problems and contributing to its stable growth.

TFIF functions are based on the sector-wise perspective and has an integrated structure comprising eight associations and more than 400 members as well as all stakeholders in the sector throughout Turkey which is also reflected by the composition of its Board of Directors and the spectrum of its members.

TFIF is a key organization which has the potential of making significant contributions to the industry and economy, based on its strategy and vision comprising both today and the future, while Its approach is to meet the needs to offer more comprehensive and improved services to the flour sector.

TFIF formulates its policies based on the understanding that wheat, the most important raw material, is a strategic product and that its importance is constantly increasing because flour industrialists are in favor of policies that will promote wheat cultivation in Turkey.

Flour industrialists of Turkey who are leading the world trade in flour, aim to continue flour exports to more than 100 countries, to find new markets, and to ensure the continuity of efforts based on education, science and cooperation in the interest of sharing international experience and cultures which will contribute to Turkish agriculture with organizations concerned.

TFIF’s goal is to have a 50% share of global trade. It has two main strategies in line with this goal. The first one is to become a key player in the global flour market and the second one is to ensure that Turkish flour becomes a trademark at home and abroad.