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Issue 24

We left behind a difficult year in which the effects of the pandemic are still continuing, climate change is clearly felt and economic fluctuations experienced on a global scale. As industrialists, we will work hard in the field of agriculture and food for the long-term interests of our country and nation, and we will achieve our goal of taking our place at all tables in the world. A record was broken in world wheat trade by passing the 200 million tons threshold for the first time this year. As Turkish flour industrialists, we continue to proudly maintain our world flour export leadership with a total of 3 million tons, taking a share of approximately 1.1 billion dollars from the 4.7 billion dollars world flour export.

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Issue 23

Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TUSAF) is a non-governmental organization that gathers companies serving in the flour industry under one roof and aims con-tinuous development and solution-oriented strategies. TUSAF conducts research in line with the needs of the sector, representing eight associations, cooperates with public sector institutions, other professional entities and industry stakeholders.

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Issue 22

Bright days have come out with the acceleration of vaccination while the effects of the pandemic process, which caused economic and so-cial damage on a global scale, are still ongoing. This process we are in has once again demonstrated the importance of the agriculture and food sector in sustainable economic development.

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Issue 21

While the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused countries to experience social, political and economic bottlenecks, has left behind a year since its inception, its effects continue in the first quarter of 2021. All the negativity when entering the new year with new hopes, as Turkey, we continued without a not break work and produce.

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Issue 20

Like all countries of the world, we have left behind a year in which we were deeply shaken economically and socially due to the pandemic. Thanks to our nation, which has exhibited the best examples of mutualization and cooperation throughout history, we have set an example to many countries with our understanding of solving the problems hand in hand that are an important part of our cultural heritage.

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Issue 19

Nearly a year has passed since the Covid-19 outbreak broke out, while it continues to have an impact worldwide. This process which drags peoples and governments to various difficulties has revealed the key role played by food security on a global scale. Apart from being a self-sustained sector, Turkey’s flour industrialists take pride in supplying flour, which is the basic foodstuff, to peoples of many countries, and providing them with safe food.

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Issue 18

Relieving of Covid-19 pandemic effects and entering into normalization process in our country towards the end of the first half of the year, the reinvolvement of the sectors that had a significant share in our economy and the movement in our foreign trade were reflected in the June figures. According to the amount of flour exports in May, there was a 4% increase in June, while this increase rate was 19% compared to June of the previous year. There was a serious increase in the number of countries exported to in June.

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Issue 17

The Covid-19 epidemic, which has affected the whole world and damaged many areas from economy to social structure, continues its destructive effects in the most developed countries of the world. While the countries that are late in taking the necessary precautions are experiencing the nightmare deeply, Turkey is going through this period with minimum losses thanks to our specialized and devoted healthcare personnel and sensitive nation. In this process, we would like to thank all the staff working at the risk of their lives and all our citizens staying at home and supporting the prevention of the epidemic.

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Issue 16

In order to ensure economic and social integration in every field in which we operate together with our sector stakeholders and strengthen our position in the international arena, we continue to work with our full potential to become a more powerful country that aims to grow by producing competitive, innovative, local and global solutions, and to pay our debt back to

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Issue 15

The annual World Food Day was celebrated on October 16 with various activities to raise awareness of the importance of food safety, the fight against hunger and to ensure the unity of food production between countries. We are experiencing an important and complex process in which countries create and develop their economic and political policies on food and energy security, produce new projects, take new steps, and portrait of the next century is drawn.

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Issue 14

While the importance of agriculture and food at the global level and its priority in the agenda increase day by day, they continue to play an active role in the formation of the political, economic and social policies of the countries. Within the framework of the importance of this role, we, as the Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation...

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Issue 13

As the Turkish Flour Industrialist Federation and our industry, which has turned into one of the greatest, innovative and forward-thinking industrial communities of Turkey from the beginning until present, we have left the first quarter of year 2019 behind.

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Issue 12

There is a year ahead of us that we shall carry on our struggle with all our power in order to present the best to our people and to bring more to our country economy. We, as Management Board of TFIF, we shall carry on our works continuously with the excitement on the first day both for future of our sector and welfare of our country.

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Issue 11

Turkish Flour Industry spares no effort to continue its production activities to minimize the effects of this difficult period for our sector and country. It is very well aware of its responsibility to supply the rough material of the bread, main nutritional source of our people despite the challenging games and the smear campaigns on the sector.

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Issue 10

2017/18 season wheat harvest has begun a month earlier than normal with the impact of this year’s climate conditions. As the extreme arid conditions during the months of March and April, which are particularly important in terms of wheat, brought the harvest period forward, the rainfall during May put a smile on the face of farmers, who were deeply concerned about product quality, even for a little while.

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Issue 9

By means of TFIF Magazine, I would like to reiterate my appreciation to flour industrialists’ family that succeeded its mission ideally in the production of the flour that is the rough material of the bread as the irreplaceable nutritional source of our nation and I wish you a fruitful, prosperous and happy year.

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Issue 8

Leaving behind a year where number of politic and economic games played on our country and our geography critically, we welcome the new year so we desire to have new hopes and success indeed.

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Issue 7

As a country in a geographical position where economic and political ambiguity is at a high level, we continue with our determination in our vision of 2023 vision. Congratulations to all the members of the industrial sector who succeeded in exports in this period and we want to continue our success ...

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Issue 6

We as the Turkish Flour Industrialists', have accomplished to finalize the season 2016/ 17 with new records although it was a highly troubled season for our nation and sector.

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Issue 5

Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation “Wheat and Flour Trade & Trends and Innovation in Flour Products” Congress and Exhibition was held

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Issue 4

We are entering a new year with the hope of creating an environment that will flourish new strategies and support our industry with sustainable policies. We have left behind 2016 a challenging year in every aspect...

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Issue 3

Turkey’s Flour Industry Sector Report for 2015/ 16

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Issue 2

Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TFIF), is a non-governmental umbrella organization that brings together establishments serving in the flour industry, aiming to provide continuous development and solution oriented strategies...

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Issue 1

... I hope that the journal to be prepared with the idea of creation of sectoral policies and strategies, shedding light on projections and market researches for the future and filling the gaps in this regard, will be beneficial to our industry, society and to all those concerned. Eren Gunhan Ulusoy, Chairman of the Board of Directors

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